About Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

SCA Education programs are built on decades of knowledge, research, and real-world experience designed to help you create a successful career in the coffee industry. Our focus is not only on the quality of our curriculum, but how that curriculum prepares learners to achieve their goals and directly utilize their certificate or diploma to find a successful, rewarding career. SCA certificates are recognized and sought out by employers around the world, making your resume stand out. Whether you are dreaming of opening your own café, finding success as a professional coffee roaster or heading up your company’s sustainability program, SCA has an educational program to suit your goals and jumpstart your career.


The SCA’s Coffee Skills Program consists of education in the following specialties within the coffee industry:

  • Introduction to Coffee

  • Barista Skills

  • Brewing

  • Green Coffee

  • Sensory Skills

  • Roasting

Together these modules of learning are known as the SCA Coffee Skills Program. Students can take advantage of learning through three stages of knowledge and skills in each module: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional. 

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